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Still from "fly"


Director's Reel

Latest Films

fly: a micro story
drama / body horror
writen/directed/edited by sam permar
based on "The Fly" by roberta allen

directed/edited by sam permar, 16mm found footage

Summer House (Trailer)
drama / psychological horror
writen/directed/edited by sam permar

MVFF 2022 Laurels

Humans of My Bed: Rex
dark comedy / mockumentary
writen/directed/edited by sam permar

NewFest 2019 Laurels

Coming Soon

Benny Goes Method_5_final.jpg

Benny Goes Method
dark comedy / horror
directed by sam permar and nina zehri, written by sam permar
after going to an audition with food poisoning, an unemployed actor realizes the more he destroys his mind and body the closer he'll be to getting the role.

4CCFAE1D-574E-4C61-B48F-F6EE4D1448C0 2.jpg

written/directed by sam permar

a new york couple tries to conceive a child on martha's vineyard, but their idyllic vacation is interrupted when they become infected by ticks and their lives begin to unravel.

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